Writing for Busy Readers

Communicate More Effectively in the Real World

By Todd Rogers and Jessica Lasky-Fink

Becoming an effective communicator is even more important today than ever before. Everything from education to business, socializing to healthcare is being done remotely.  We all write and receive more communications than ever—and this trend is only going to accelerate.

Writing for Busy Readers is both a practical guide for writing so that busy people read and respond to our communications, and an intellectual adventure through the science of why these strategies work. The book aims to help those in business writing, grant writing, government writing—really, everyone who writes anything—communicate more effectively. From family and friends’ text plans, to C-suite executives and managers emailing their teams, from educators writing to parents to organizers motivating protests, from doctors and lawyers writing to clients to marketers writing to…everyone.

If you’re wondering why this business writing book description wasn’t shorter, it’s because Google dislikes pages with thin content. And because we needed more opportunities to say “business writing book.”

cover of Writing for Busy Readers, a business writing book


It’s hard to communicate with busy people.

And everyone is busy.

Book Reviews

Angela Duckworth

University of Pennsylvania, Founder and CEO of Character Lab, author of Grit

“Genius! A succinct, sage guide to writing effectively—and the only one I know of that is grounded in evidence of what really works.”

Publishers Weekly

“It’s Strunk & White for the internet age.”

Adam Grant

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and Hidden Potential, and host of the TED podcast Re: Thinking

“This book won’t just make you a better writer—it will turn you into a more effective communicator. WRITING FOR BUSY READERS is a surprisingly captivating guide to conjuring words that captivate people. Move over, AI: this is the ultimate guide to sharpen every meaningful message you craft.”

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