Business, Nonprofit, and Education Writing Workshop

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Virtual Business Writing Workshop

In this workshop, Professor Todd Rogers teaches business writing principles to help managers, employees, and all other stakeholders communicate effectively among themselves, to shareholders, and to consumers and clients.

In today’s world, everyone is busy, and writing effective messages requires practical communication skills. All workshop participants will learn the principles of practical business writing, illustrated by relevant examples including memos, reports, emails, and more. These principles make our communication more effective and our organizations more productive.  They also make our communication more equitable and kinder by being more respectful of busy readers’ time and attention.

Virtual Writing Training for Educators

Whether it’s communicating with administrators, teachers, staff, parents, or students, education professionals rely on written messages to relay vital information every day. Unfortunately, everyone is busier than ever before—and people may have only a precious few seconds to read our messages.

Todd Rogers has worked with hundreds of school districts and educational organizations to improve educators’ communications with audiences who are flooded with written information. In this training, educators will learn the actionable principles for better written communication, with illustrative examples drawn from real educational communications that will empower participants to communicate their vital messages successfully.

Virtual Training Session for Nonprofits

Between messaging to stakeholders, writing fundraising appeals and grants, emailing internally, and reaching out to the general public, nonprofit organizations must be able to communicate with a wide range of audiences. One thing those audiences have in common? They’re all busy, whether they’re flooded with emails, wrangling household chaos, or all of the above and more.

In this workshop, Todd Rogers will teach writing principles to equip nonprofits and mission-driven business leaders with the tools to effectively send messages through the information deluge of today’s busy world. With practical examples from real philanthropic organizations, participants will learn to communicate key messages clearly and succinctly to all stakeholders—from grantees to citizens.


Workshop Participant

“This was great and very practical. Would love to have him come and talk to our teams.”

Workshop Participant

“Very engaged and ensured students were a part from the beginning to the end.”

Workshop Participant

“Fantastic; this should be taught at every SEF course and beyond.”


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